Developing your idea (and yourself to sell that idea)

So in this blog post i will be going into detail about everything to do with developing your idea into something you can turn into a dream. Dreams are something that people wish were true, dreams are something that you think about when you are longing for more in order to feel some sort of satisfaction. As stated before, developing your idea laterally will result in your dream occurring for you and your empire!

Developing something you are passionate about …

You may believe you are sitting on a magnificent idea that will turn you into the next Steve Jobs however, it is important to look at your idea from a number of different stakeholder perspectives, such as the customer and even supplier. But before you look at everyone else’s opinion of your idea, it is a good idea to take time to plan every little aspect of your product this information can be included in your business plan. Some good ways of mapping out your product are detailed below:

  1. What does it look like? Colour, smell, feel
  2. Detail each step of the production process
  3. Diagrams to scale
  4. Creating demo’s of your product and improving on them

Once you have this clearly stated out, you can then begin gaining others ideas on how you can improve this idea for the better. Some ways you can do this include the following:

  1. Hosting a gathering of friends together and presenting your product to them directly
  2. Handing out surveys
  3. Gaining professional advice from someone with experience/ in industry etc.

Above all of this, it is important for you as a entrepreneur to realize that your product must be something that you feel passionate about, it must be something you believe in and no matter what can transform its flaws into positives!! If you are not passionate about what you are creating, it is proven that your business, when times are tough will fail!!

This video is fantastic and so inspirational! It will no doubt inspire you to aim big with your ideas.

Where does your idea fit into your market?

Clear analysis of your market is needed at this stage of planning. Later on you will go into even more depth analyzing your market within your business plan. At this stage you must be assured that your product will be able to fit into competition and not be eaten alive. Ways of analyzing your competition can include thing such as the following:

  1. Develop a SWOT analysis in regards to your idea
  2. Identifying the top 20 competitors
  3. Build a scaffold which analyses their businesses inside and out
  4. With each competitor develop a SWOT analysis on their ideas that could result in you loosing.
  5. Compare your SWOT with their SWOT and adjust your idea accordingly.
  6. Again, gaining your potential customers ideas is the key.

Great article!


Developing myself as a person along my idea….

My whole life, i have been a bigger girl. This has never worried me at all, however, i have put on a significant amount of weight on that has resulted in various health problems that have caused me undue stress. Let me tell you the actual extent of this problem, i am at my heaviest weight at the moment… 100kgs. The lightest i have ever weighed before is 70kgs. I would like to get down to this weight again so i can be problem free and live healthily.

— Please note that i am not one of those individuals that is so unhappy with their weight that they want to commit the worse sin possible. Its quite the opposite, i am a confident, happy, bubbly person who has a problem that needs fixing urgently. I feel that if i do not sort out this problem, it can only get worse and worse and worse and worse.

So here i am, i am going to make this promise goal. I want to loose 30kgs by this time next year. However, i am going to start with a small goal and keep you updated with each goal as it is reached. So therefore, by my birthday (feb 11) i would like to weigh 85kgs.

The reason why i have included this with the developing yourself section is because it is an issue that needs to be addressed and in order to develop an amazing idea, i believe having a clear mind of all other issues is nessesary. Please help me be accountable for my weight and come walk with me on this journey of success.

I have included some now pictures, for you so that when we reach the end of this journey, the difference will be noticeable.

Till next time,

Midge McSticky.