I thought that i would reblog this article that i wrote when i first started this blog. It is to do with my Aunty Frances. She was probably the largest influence in my life to date. She has been gone for such a long time now and it really sucks not to have her by my side patting my back along my journey of life. I miss her. Just thought i’d share it with you all. ❤

Interview tips!

G’day all just a short blog to give you my tips on going for an interview for a job. I’m sorry that i have been writing really short articles for you all lately. I have been really busy trying to get everything organised for when i go back to university. Like i have written in previous articles, time management is the key.

So i just want to give you a few helpful tips i have come to learn over the years when sitting down for an interview. At a later date i will go into more detail with each of these tips, but for now enjoy the list i have compiled for you all.

If you have any tips for interviews you would like to add, or any experiences you have had with interviews, please feel free to comment on this article!

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  • Always always always turn up early for an interview. NEVER rock up late 
  • Always dress for success. If you look, appear and smell nice, you are bound to act the same. A nice shirt and black skirt always does the trick for me
  • COVER ANY TATTOO’S YOU HAVE! I have tattoo’s on both my wrists, lower forearm and all over my stomach and what i have found is that if i do not cover them, then i do not get the job. So, it is better to play it safe then sorry.
  • Always come prepared with some background knowledge of the job you are going for and the background of the organisation. Even if you are an internal employee going for a promotion
  • Always thank the person interviewing you for taking the time out of their day to see you and to give you the opportunity to tell them why you are the perfect person for the job.
  • BELIEVE, you are the best person for the position that the company has to offer. I strongly believe that if you know in your heart that this is the job for you, then it will shine out through everything you have to say
  • Always bring a copy of your resume with you to an interview. I always like to bring my folder of certificates with me to show an employer.
  • Be calm when you are in your interview. Just act like you are having a conversation.
  • EYE CONTACT- Always look at the person talking to you, eye contact shows you are serious about the position.
  • Ask questions when they ask you if you have any. I have sometimes asked and sometimes have not. In my personal experience i find asking questions is always the best thing to do because it shows you are serious about the position that they have to offer.

Will add more later 🙂



“An individual …

“An individual whom chooses to start a business should consider it as not something that will make you money, give you success or fame etc. They should consider it a life choice that they stick to, it should be a choice that gets them up in the morning and gives them the drive to do anything and everything they can to make a difference to this world. Once you achieve that difference, this is the reward for your dedication” — Midge Mc’Sticky

Well, only a short blog post today. I wanted to write something to keep me motivated to achieving my goals. I wanted to give myself the boost that my hard work will pay off. I don’t believe that the mindset of making money is the key to starting a business, i believe that making a difference is the real key. I hope that this quote i have formulated assists all of my fellow dream chasers. Goodnight my friends ❤ 

Is it still a man’s world? — Written by Guest blogger Davina from WITI


So i would like to introduce you to this lovely ladies Guest Blog post that she has kindly written for “Sticky girl in a sticky world”.  I am really proud to post this on my blog page. You will be blown away by the amount of liberating facts this article holds. I know i was. In my post entitled “How to be a more confident woman in the new year” i kind of touch on this subject, but no where near as much detail as Davina has done.  As a young woman it is such a great feeling to know that the way of our society is changing for the better, so that my generation and the generations after myself have a chance of achieving just as much as a male can!

I hope.. no i know you will enjoy this post 🙂

Till next time my friends –

Please visit her blog page http://witiwords.blogspot.com.au/ 

Here you will find so many helpful beauty and fashion tips from a liberated woman who knows how to do it best! 

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Is It Still A Man’s World?

When Margaret asked me to write a blog about how women are fairing in a male dominated society and my personal experiences with that, the first thing that came to mind is, is that still a relevant issue in the modern age? It’s not been a problem for me professionally, but looking deeper into it, my thoughts that it’s been slow going, but going nonetheless were right. Women and women’s issues on the whole have come pretty far in the last 50 years, but there are some areas in which we’re still behind.

According to the ACTU (that’s the Australian Council of Trade Unions for our overseas readers) in 2010, despite federal laws in place giving equal pay to women and men, there was still an 18% wage gap between the genders. Their study also found that archaic attitudes of some professions and jobs being “women’s work” and industries with a traditional majority of female workers were still attracting lower rates of pay because female contribution to the workforce was still being undervalued. The Equal Pay Alliance was set up to combat this ongoing problem and in February 2012 achieved a breakthrough with Fair Work Australia giving community and social sector workers pay raises of up to 45% which began in December 2012.

In Australia, women make up almost half of the national population, but women in leadership roles are still lagging behind with 66 out of 226 federal members of parliament (that’s 29%) being women. In executive and senior public service roles, women in Australia are still underrepresented, but the numbers are slowly increasing. Currently the number of ASX (the Australia Securities Exchange) 200 companies with more than one female director. These numbers are slowly improving though, with women in directorship roles within these companies increasing from 8.4% in 2010 to 12.3% in 2012. The number of ASX companies with more than one female director jumped from 13% in 2010 to 23% in 2012.

Along with the traditional struggles of juggling motherhood and home responsibilities, another hurdle to women succeeding and becoming leaders in the workplace is a lack of confidence in their abilities. A study on social trends carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that women are less likely to put themselves forward for a senior role within a company unless they feel that they are a good fit for the position and they suit all the criteria, whereas as men are not as bothered by this and are more likely to apply for more promotions regardless, hence why there’s more men at the top. Some women simply may not be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to advance to leadership roles in their careers and are happy with their lot. Which is cool too:)

In America, entrepreneur and Market America vice president Loren Ridinger recently wrote about how the national average in the United States is that women are still being paid only 77 cents in the dollar to their mate counterparts. Loren goes on to say that its up to women everywhere to demand pay equity and that’s the first step towards feeling truly confident in our value as employees.

Loren makes an excellent point-it is up to women to take responsibility and make the changes they want themselves in order to get ahead professionally. It is ambitious pioneering women like Loren, Gail Kelly (the first woman to become CEO of one of Australia’s largest banks in 2002), former magazine editor (back in the day when female magazine editors where unheard of) and current Australian of the Year Ita Buttrose just to name a few whom we can continue to look to for leadership and inspiration towards better conditions for women personally and professionally. The progress we make has always been slow, but it has always been. Imagine where women’s issues will be in 20 years time with the inroads we continue to make:)

“Cut for Bieber” – Making our generation proud.

So any of you guys heard about this whole cut for Bieber thing? For those of you that have not. Cut for Beiber was invented by a bunch of idiots on Twitter, instructing young teens to cut their wrists in order to get the pop singer Justin Bieber to not do drugs. Well, that is my understanding of it anyway. I admit I have not really done much research on this whole new craze before writing this article. BUT I am going to give you my take on this new ridiculous phenomenon.


Since Beiber was discovered, our radios have been polluted with tracks such as that “baby, baby, baby ooooohhh” crap and many other annoying hits that are kind of catchy and are bound to get stuck in your head for days, weeks and even months. But, don’t worry just because his songs get stuck in your head doesn’t mean you are obsessed no, there are many crazy, psychotic little girls obsessing over him and every single move he makes.

I am not saying it is a bad thing that he has established himself a loyal fan base that appreciate his accomplishments, no. It has made him into a successful entrepreneur that has allowed him to spread his clear passion for music around the world. Totally nothing wrong with that. In fact i remember when  he came to Sydney and performed his first track in the City CBD on one of our popular morning shows, the crowd went wild – police were even involved. In sure if you look it up on Youtube you will be able to find footage of it!

But i think that there is a line, a line that defines the difference between a loyal fan and a simple following sheep that lacks any direction or emotional stability. It appears like our youth of today are clenching on to celebs such as Justin Bieber for comfort, a place in society to fit in. The simple notion of hurting ones self in order to get the attention of another is not reality, it’s not rational– it’s just wrong by all accounts.

It really goes to show the power of social media in today’s society. Social media can do many positive things but it can also have the power to take lives. I believe that it is wrong to take the ability to utilise social networking sites away from younger teenagers ,but i also think it is wrong to let them have ultimate control over there networking sites. I think it is time the parents of these teenagers stepped in, a restore the reality to these young adults.

I’d be really interested to get all your opinions on this terrible issue. What’s your thoughts?


How to transform into a more confident woman in the new year…

I have been reading a little bit on the feminist movement lately. Just to look back on where we have come from as a women and the trials and tribulations that various other prominent women fort so hard for the rights we have today!

As always all images are taken from google.com — These are not my images.

Dating back to the 1900’s women have been constantly disadvantaged by our male counterparts. It still makes me sick to think not so long in 1947 women were just given access to a  university level education therefore allowing them to access higher paid professional positions. We should of been given the same chance to start with. I have read that it was even to the point whereby a man and a women would be in the same position and the man would come back with a greater income, even if the women worked twice as hard.

During the WW2 many bread-winning men went off to fight, leaving their families to try and support themselves. Many women were forced into lower income earning positions that saw them struggle because they were not given the same rights as a man would. However, it makes me wonder why did so many women give up working for themselves when there husbands came back? I understand that this is when the whole baby boomer generation began, however, it makes you wonder why did so many women want to give up their independence?

(Image of Germaine Greer) 

We have come so far to back then. Just think in Australia we have our first female Prime minister, Miss Julia Gillard. The election of Gillard honestly makes me proud to be a women. There are also many examples of women in more professional roles, making ridiculous amounts of money, whom are breaking the stereotype for our future generations of women to come.

I encourage any women who is looking to start there own business to read up on the feminist movement. It is nothing but inspiring to see where we where and the progression we have made. 

How does this relate to a confident women in the year 2013? Well with the trials and tribulations of our fellow women who are long gone, i believe it is about time that we as a young generation make these women proud, as they fort long and hard for the rights we have today!!

I constantly as a 21 year old female find that i get pressured about when are the babies coming, or people get taken back when i say to them that i want to achieve a great deal in my professional career before i settle down to become a mother.  People need to re-think about the way that females are progressing in society. Not every women wants to stay at home with the kids and not achieve what they want to in life so they feel fulfilled.

Having the power to break from the stereotype is quite a big deal for any female. As i have progressed through my life i have seen people like my mother who just down right do not look fulfilled with their lives because they have done what society has told them to do. I have also had the privilege to meet many females who progress professionally though life and who get to opportunities to do what they love. And that is the kind of women that i want to be.

Please check out this youtube channel for more information on feminism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2Xk-u8uii0&playnext=1&list=PL081CAC1C178F216D&feature=results_main

To get there though is the hard part — How does one break free from everything that society has set out for them? I believe that confidence is the answer. Confidence to be able to go the other direction and to not care what other people have to say about it. Below i have formulated a few ways that you can be more confident in the new year. Enjoy my friends! 

  • Set your goals and stick to them — I always talk about goal setting simply because it starts you off with a vision of where you want to go in your life. It gives it direction and will lead you to finding your purpose and meaning for this life. We only have one go at it, so why can’t we feel inspired to achieve everything we need to. When your goals are strategically organised into short term, medium term and long term goals you are more likely to feel fulfilled as a women and not have the feeling of emptiness.  The most important thing is to not let anyone influence these goals, 
  • Work out a balance between both worlds— Developing a balance between your professional life and your home life is essential for anyone. If you decide to progress with your professional career first before settling down, do it and work out a time that suits you to settle down and become a mother.
  • Do not discriminate — By no means is it acceptable for you to go and parade you life choices to those who have chosen a different path. Everyone is fulfilled in their own separate ways. Be the women who is humbled to have worked out there own life and support others who have chosen different to you. Be that person who is not self centred, rather is aware of other people around them. It gives off a snobby impression that is just down right rude.
  • Go out of your comfort zone — Go out and explore different things. Go out and really experience the world. Go talk to someone new. Go network with exciting people that could provide you with opportunities that you never dreamed off. You never know who lies behind that door.
  • Dress for success — Taking care of yourself internally is the key to being able to be more confident on the outside. I mean plain and simple — it is like a business. If your internal operations are running efficiently, it is more likely that your external image is improved by a massive percent.

Customer Service: A must for any business.

Article image from: http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/182on79qw0s1ujpg/original.jpg

Customer service these days is the make or break of any company.

To put it plain and simply if a customer is getting treated better by someone else, and you are not doing the job for them – pft.. forget them, they will be gone in a heart beat.

In my day job i have had the opportunity to realise how important a little bit of love and attention dedicated to your customers can make. There is a lot of other competition for this business that i work for as well. Therefore, being at the bottom of the food chain, i see myself as being the face of the business. My face is the one the customer see’s and has to interact with, so why not make it a good one?

I try to think of it this way, the customer is buying things from me personally right? Well why would i try to convince them not to purchase something from me. I want their money so that i can have a pay check at the end of the week.

Here i have analysed everything that i do to look after my customers and make sure they enjoy there experience. With this list, it is developed on a hospitality background — however, you can take it and make it more relevant to you.

  • Smile – To put it plain and simple.. Smiling when you are talking to someone means that you are interested in what they have to say. You want to be on the same journey they are going. Smiling opens up means for conversation between you and your customer etc. You never know you might of just made someone’s day 
  • Talk politely- No no no no no no no.. do not say “what do you want??” no.. just fucking no. Rather say, “Hi, what can i help you with today sir/ madame?”. It kills me when you see someone is clearly in a bad mood but doesn’t realise that you must talk to others politely in order to get your point across and get the job done a whole lot easier
  • Always be willing to help – If someone needs your help.. well bygolly my friends go help them. Do everything in your power to be able to find your customer the answer to their problem. This might take time and effort but with that time and effort you put into looking after that customer, they are going to look after you by coming back to you and giving you their money.
  • Put your own trouble aside for the day – Don’t get me wrong, i have a tone of bad days but i forget about it as soon as i put on my uniform. I try to talk to as many people as i can in order to place myself in a positive environment that will in turn make my mood go from zero to hero!!  Try to keep those two worlds separate from each other.
  • Never look to start a fight. Only be interested in looking for a solution. 
  • Remember: Piss them off and they could get nasty. 
  • Act approachable 
  • Enjoy what you are doing 
  • Be honest with them 
  • Try to talk to each customer like you are making a new friend 
  • Treat your customers like how you would want to be treated 
  • Develop relationships with your customers 
  • Dress to impress, physically 
  • Listen to them when they want to talk to you 
  • Go that extra mile for them
  • Body language, body language, body language!!

One thing i have had to overcome when developing my own way of delivering effective customer service is dealing with other nationalities. Now, do not take it in a racist way, but i am one of the most down right aussie bogan’s you will ever meet. Yes, i talk like “How the fuck are yah mate?? Shrimp on tha barbie” ETC. So when i was thrown into a situation whereby i have to learn to adjust the way i communicate to people there are various ways i got into the habit of doing to make my life easier. Some of these i have included below:

  • If i well and truly cannot understand them, get someone to help me ASAP 
  • Point to things and use thumbs up
  • Get them to write something down for you so you understand.
  • Understand their culture better and the way they practice things
  • Do not pre-judge their culture or heritage, as in stereotype them

When i see the basic rules of customer service broken, it just hurts me inside. It ruins my day because i try so hard to look after other people and feel like i never get that in return. Especially at a local coffee shop that i religiously go to every day. I order the same thing at the same time, with the same quirks, pay the same way ETC. However, i always get attitude, never get a smile and never get exactly what i want. I have to stair at the girls working there so they even come to take my order.

I believe that it is a good idea for all businesses to realise that customer service is a pretty big thing. Training staff in providing such a service is not a luxury any more it is one of the only ways to keep up with such a competitive business market these days. For stickertyclick, customer service will  be our number one priority. I will be focusing on retaining loyal customers as well as doing all we can to find more and more followers. There are many strategies that i have been working hard on to develop correctly. Please refer to the stickertyclick page on this site to view these strategies.

The secrets to effective time management.

Time management this year has defiantly not been one of my strong points.

Mix that with forgetfulness, the tenancy to loose everything topped with a scoop of pure laziness comes a pretty poor performer.

But my friends the year 2013 is a new year, yes, a new year for self discovery and getting down to business.

So in order to fix all of my other flaws, i suppose developing effective time management strategies is the way to go.

As an entrepreneur i am starting to realise that i am gaining a lot of different things on my plate that i have to juggle and find a distinct balance for. Some of these things that i do include the following:

  • Toastmasters 
  • Cert IV in Hospitality (thought work)
  • Time to go to the gym
  • Time to have with my partner
  • NEA award with my University
  • Safety committee at my Workplace
  • Having a shift worker job
  • University in general
  • Managing this blog and in a few months a full business
  • Somewhat of a social life?
  • plus, i am sure there is a lot more there i just have forgotten to mention

If you are in my situation too i have developed a few different way that you can get your shit under control, by using my own life as an example! Enjoy! 

  1. Prioritise! Prioritise! Prioritise! This is the main key to achieving anything in life. In order to get what you want and achieve your goals you need to get rid of all the shit in between that is holding you back!  So for example, both my number one priorities would be my partner and my day job. Can’t judge me, girl’s gotta have the moolah. My number 2 priority would be University. Then the blog and then my diet/ excersie plan
  2. Organise your year, then month, then day, then hours, then minutes. I have started early this year! I have two different diary planners, one bright pink the other a professional black leather one. My pink one is for all of my notes and other things that come up during the day that i need to remember or taking down important notes from uni. The black one for planning out my day, what i need to do, where i need to be etc. Not much difference but i think it will work for me. Another thing that i have started to do as well is on my whiteboard in my room, i have a week planned out on it. On this week, you can see the basic things that i need to do.
  3. Tend to your priorities each specifically, like they are your boyfriends and you need to treat them all differently to keep them happy! For work, i make sure i have my roster on hand at all times, when planning out my week ahead, i always work my university time table around it. (I totally forgot to mention i do uni by correspondence aye?) With accordance to concentrating on uni commitments what i personally do is at the start of each trimester i go through all of my course work and figure out when all of my assignments are due and write that information down on big colourful cardboard. I then stick it up on my door so i can always be reminded that my assignment is late yet again -.-  I also have been provided by my university with a weekly wall planner. This planner has all 7 days of the week and all 12 hours of the way put into a giant table print out. THIS THING SAVES MY FUCKING LIFE! I encourage you to draw one up yourselves.
  4. Think of the reason why you are working so hard. I often get down because i forget why i am trying to work so hard. Practically all the time i think to myself, how come everyone i know is having fun, travelling, finishing uni off so easily etc. The reason i do work so hard is because of my situation at home. I hope that i can be the mother that i never had, that means being a hard working woman that is respectable in her carrer and established in life.  So in order to remember that, i am going to write it down on a large yellow piece of cardboard and stick it in front of my study desk, just to remind me what i am working for and to find the motivation to keep going.
  5. Don’t forget your loved ones. Often i am guilty of forgoing my partners needs for my own, because i am plain and simply too busy because i can’t manage my shit properly. It sucks for him and it sucks for me because our relationship is not up to scratch. At the moment it has gotten to the point where we have no time to even have sexy time because it is just too hard to schedule it in. So i am going to make a promise now —  I will get giggy with it at least 4 times a week. Yes all you other women out there — pick up your bloody game. So pretty much, 2 times on Saturday and 2 times on Sunday. LOL. Your welcome for knowing that. Also, i want to make the promise that i will take him out for a nice dinner at lease once a week – just so he knows he is special 🙂
  6. Figure out what you need and what you don’t need. Okay, so there is a lot of things that i don’t need cluttering up my life. So let’s reduce them together, shall we? Toastmasters. Let’s say that i do my 6 more speeches, obtain my certificate then put it on hold for a while. Check. NEA. Okay that  can also wait till the last year of my degree, there is no need to worry about it now, however if a opportunity arises, opportunity will be perused. Check.  Gym and Diet. Planning effectively and ahead of time to fit these things in with all of my other commitments will help.
  7. Never be afraid of asking for help. I have always hated showing people that i am struggling to do well. I have always been afraid of telling people that i am not coping right now. I guess the year 2013 will hopefully mean that i can realise that my partner is just that, my partner and is there to help me cope with everything that i need help with. So there is no need to be afraid.

Time is precious and it is escaping us every second. We need to be able to control it and make those evaporating seconds turn into effective opportunities to achieve everything that we need to do. As an entrepreneur developing these strategies early will allow for you to develop your own personal balance between everything on your plate and keeping yourself sane.

Wish me good luck…



The importance of giving back.. Guide to Social Entrepreneurship

You know what time it is again my friends right? Time for another serious blog post filled with useful information for other entrepreneurs out there! 

First off i want to introduce the idea of social entrepreneurship to you… please read this article – http://www.youngentrepreneur.com/startingup/4-ways-to-dip-a-toe-into-social-entrepreneurship/  . Pretty much by introducing this to you you are now aware that business should not be around just to make money for the pure reason that it doesn’t and never will make you any money. 

Your business should be one that supports the community that has supported you. By customers purchasing your goods, they are obviously putting money into your pocket right, but what will keep them coming back? That’s  where social entrepreneurship comes into play.

By adjusting things like your mission statement, you have the ability to appeal to the ‘good do’er side’ in all your customers. Don’t take this as manipulate your customers, rather, point them in the direction of noticing a issue that need’s their attention and help! You’re simply the messenger! Your mission statement is a written statement that focus’s on what you as a business are going to achieve, what you believe you are working towards. By including important cause’s that you believe strongly in, you can have the ability to force your customers to become concerned with the issue as well.  Do not stress my friends, i will be finalizing my mission statement for stickertyclick soon for you all to read — it will give you an idea about the things i am passionate about and how i plan to use my business for a good cause! 

Think of your business as a medium in which you hold the power to make the difference. I believe it is important for all new entrepreneurs to realize they have the power and influence to make a difference is this world. It is time that we take control of our world and do what we can to help it.

Some causes that i am passionate about include the following:

  • Cancer and Finding a cure to it
  • Depression and other mental illnesses, particularly with children as i am studying teaching
  • Poverty and it’s affect on families

Be assured that in my mission statement i will be developing strategies to associate my business with what i believe in.

An entrepreneur..

” An entrepreneur is someone that has a vision and will do what they can to make that vision their reality. An entrepreneur is someone who is dying to take the risks to get there, no matter how big or small. An entrepreneur will be blind with passion, motivation and drive. They will live and breath what they believe in until the world believe’s in it too” — Midge McSticky.


I just made this up this morning, out of the top of my head. I strongly believe that starting a business is providing something you believe in and sharing it with the people around you. I suppose it explains my passion and determination to be successful in this venture. The passion is always inside of you, no matter how much you try to fight it you will think about it constantly until you have to do something about it.

If you are like me and have this passion, communicate with me my friends. If you are wanting to start your own business. Let’s work together to succeed! Invitation’s open to anyone willing to take it! 

Developing your idea (and yourself to sell that idea)

So in this blog post i will be going into detail about everything to do with developing your idea into something you can turn into a dream. Dreams are something that people wish were true, dreams are something that you think about when you are longing for more in order to feel some sort of satisfaction. As stated before, developing your idea laterally will result in your dream occurring for you and your empire!

Developing something you are passionate about …

You may believe you are sitting on a magnificent idea that will turn you into the next Steve Jobs however, it is important to look at your idea from a number of different stakeholder perspectives, such as the customer and even supplier. But before you look at everyone else’s opinion of your idea, it is a good idea to take time to plan every little aspect of your product this information can be included in your business plan. Some good ways of mapping out your product are detailed below:

  1. What does it look like? Colour, smell, feel
  2. Detail each step of the production process
  3. Diagrams to scale
  4. Creating demo’s of your product and improving on them

Once you have this clearly stated out, you can then begin gaining others ideas on how you can improve this idea for the better. Some ways you can do this include the following:

  1. Hosting a gathering of friends together and presenting your product to them directly
  2. Handing out surveys
  3. Gaining professional advice from someone with experience/ in industry etc.

Above all of this, it is important for you as a entrepreneur to realize that your product must be something that you feel passionate about, it must be something you believe in and no matter what can transform its flaws into positives!! If you are not passionate about what you are creating, it is proven that your business, when times are tough will fail!!

This video is fantastic and so inspirational! It will no doubt inspire you to aim big with your ideas.


Where does your idea fit into your market?

Clear analysis of your market is needed at this stage of planning. Later on you will go into even more depth analyzing your market within your business plan. At this stage you must be assured that your product will be able to fit into competition and not be eaten alive. Ways of analyzing your competition can include thing such as the following:

  1. Develop a SWOT analysis in regards to your idea
  2. Identifying the top 20 competitors
  3. Build a scaffold which analyses their businesses inside and out
  4. With each competitor develop a SWOT analysis on their ideas that could result in you loosing.
  5. Compare your SWOT with their SWOT and adjust your idea accordingly.
  6. Again, gaining your potential customers ideas is the key.


Great article!


Developing myself as a person along my idea….

My whole life, i have been a bigger girl. This has never worried me at all, however, i have put on a significant amount of weight on that has resulted in various health problems that have caused me undue stress. Let me tell you the actual extent of this problem, i am at my heaviest weight at the moment… 100kgs. The lightest i have ever weighed before is 70kgs. I would like to get down to this weight again so i can be problem free and live healthily.

— Please note that i am not one of those individuals that is so unhappy with their weight that they want to commit the worse sin possible. Its quite the opposite, i am a confident, happy, bubbly person who has a problem that needs fixing urgently. I feel that if i do not sort out this problem, it can only get worse and worse and worse and worse.

So here i am, i am going to make this promise goal. I want to loose 30kgs by this time next year. However, i am going to start with a small goal and keep you updated with each goal as it is reached. So therefore, by my birthday (feb 11) i would like to weigh 85kgs.

The reason why i have included this with the developing yourself section is because it is an issue that needs to be addressed and in order to develop an amazing idea, i believe having a clear mind of all other issues is nessesary. Please help me be accountable for my weight and come walk with me on this journey of success.

I have included some now pictures, for you so that when we reach the end of this journey, the difference will be noticeable.

Till next time,

Midge McSticky.






When you get that feeling…

That burning passion to be on top..

All the nights you to be bed thinking i wish i could have contributed more to my work today.. 

All those family occasions you missed out on because you couldn’t get out of work.. 

Those days were you catch yourself day dreaming about what it would be like to be in charge, to make those big decisions and hoping that they pay off..

The constant struggle to save money and the longing earn more to be able to live life comfortably… 

If you, like me get any of these feelings constantly.. day in.. day out.. its a struggle. Its hard to be happy in a normal job where you have no control of any executive decisions at all, where your say means nothing and where you feel like its hard to put your business savy mind to good use.

My experience of these feelings has managed to manifest itself into a burning passion to be an entrepreneur, and by burning i mean desperate desire. I would go to sleep at night and not be able to keep my mind from going crazy, popping up with newer and bigger ideas each night… the only struggle being to try to remember them in the morning!

Business has constantly been around me my entire life, even to the point whereby it is fair to say that individuals are a type of business in themselves, they go to work in order to make a wage to survive. Being brought up in family of parents who have not been successful in their lives has made me wonder, this basic equation of going to work, making just enough to survive – is this for me? For the past 21 years, my family has struggled and i do not want this to happen to me when i have my own family.

About two years ago my mother left the family home, she never was nice to me at all. She ran away with another man, this put my father into a state of depression. My younger sister who wanted to be a vet all of her life has turned to smoking and drinking, which has made my father more depressed. Here i am, stuck in the middle… I often thought of just being depressed as well, but i can’t do it. I cant bare to watch my life slip away like that – i wont let my mother have that satisfaction!

I am a 21 years old female studying at the University of New England. I am doing a Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Teaching.  I have so far done around 7 -8 units of my degree, OKAY – ill admit, i have failed a few, but you know what at least i am there and trying to build on myself!

I have also just been proposed to by my boyfriend after months and months of constant nagging. He is someone who has come from a pretty awesome background and has encouraged me in my dreams of becoming more then my parents ever could.

— Here, i have just told you in short my life story. Throughout all of these different things that have been going on, i am constantly thinking about business, constantly wanted to be on top and to be like the individuals that i admire. When this passion eats you alive, you can be assured that your ready for the journey of being an entrepreneur!

I believe that in order to be an entrepreneur you must have this obsession. I suppose its fair to say that i am a big dreamer, but with all of the things going on in my life, a better life is down the path of owning a business.

So what’s your motivation to start a business? 

What are you passionate about? 

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be in charge? Be so important that you want to make a difference? 

Who do you have in your life to support you though your journey? 

I can assure you now at the beginning of this journey, my goals will be the following:

  • To make a difference the community around me
  • To help other people like me to reach there goals
  • To become the person that my parents wish they had the discipline to be
  • To be a person that my boyfriend can be proud of marrying.

In this blog Sticky Business, i will be sharing with you my journey, my thoughts, my feelings and giving you advice on all the challenges and follies that i know i will encounter along the way.

Till next time..

Margaret Mc Sticky.

For next time.. 

” Developing that money making idea”