The importance of giving back.. Guide to Social Entrepreneurship

You know what time it is again my friends right? Time for another serious blog post filled with useful information for other entrepreneurs out there! 

First off i want to introduce the idea of social entrepreneurship to you… please read this article –  . Pretty much by introducing this to you you are now aware that business should not be around just to make money for the pure reason that it doesn’t and never will make you any money. 

Your business should be one that supports the community that has supported you. By customers purchasing your goods, they are obviously putting money into your pocket right, but what will keep them coming back? That’s  where social entrepreneurship comes into play.

By adjusting things like your mission statement, you have the ability to appeal to the ‘good do’er side’ in all your customers. Don’t take this as manipulate your customers, rather, point them in the direction of noticing a issue that need’s their attention and help! You’re simply the messenger! Your mission statement is a written statement that focus’s on what you as a business are going to achieve, what you believe you are working towards. By including important cause’s that you believe strongly in, you can have the ability to force your customers to become concerned with the issue as well.  Do not stress my friends, i will be finalizing my mission statement for stickertyclick soon for you all to read — it will give you an idea about the things i am passionate about and how i plan to use my business for a good cause! 

Think of your business as a medium in which you hold the power to make the difference. I believe it is important for all new entrepreneurs to realize they have the power and influence to make a difference is this world. It is time that we take control of our world and do what we can to help it.

Some causes that i am passionate about include the following:

  • Cancer and Finding a cure to it
  • Depression and other mental illnesses, particularly with children as i am studying teaching
  • Poverty and it’s affect on families

Be assured that in my mission statement i will be developing strategies to associate my business with what i believe in.

An entrepreneur..

” An entrepreneur is someone that has a vision and will do what they can to make that vision their reality. An entrepreneur is someone who is dying to take the risks to get there, no matter how big or small. An entrepreneur will be blind with passion, motivation and drive. They will live and breath what they believe in until the world believe’s in it too” — Midge McSticky.


I just made this up this morning, out of the top of my head. I strongly believe that starting a business is providing something you believe in and sharing it with the people around you. I suppose it explains my passion and determination to be successful in this venture. The passion is always inside of you, no matter how much you try to fight it you will think about it constantly until you have to do something about it.

If you are like me and have this passion, communicate with me my friends. If you are wanting to start your own business. Let’s work together to succeed! Invitation’s open to anyone willing to take it!