What is “StickertyClick”

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I suppose you are all wondering, what the &%$# is StickertyClick.. In this detailed introduction all your questions about the business will be answered straight from me, Margaret, the owner of the company. I hope with this direct approach to introducing this new company into the industry, my prospective customers can view me and my business as genuine and focused to our customers.

At this current point in time, i am in the middle of writing the business plan. This means i am still in the planning stages of the company, however, i believe there is a strong requirement for the name to be put out there and introduced. Anticipated establishment date will be on the 11.02.13. This blog will be updated as more details of the company are developed. If you as the customer have any idea’s on what could work better, please i encourage you to write to me in email form  and tell me what you think. My email is margaret.rutherford@hotmail.com 

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has supported the development of StickertyClick to this date and everyone who is encouraging its future – you all know who you are.

What is StickertyClick? 

Why Stickers? 

Printing has always been a passion of mine since a young age, in particular screen printing. However, as all of you printing professionals are aware, screen printing is a dying form of art that has been replaced by digital printing. I have had jobs in other industries but my passion lies with printing and always will. So therefore, this company is allowing myself to outlay this passion and do something i love.

Stickers are everywhere, trust me look around the room right now that your reading this in. I assure you there are some stickers in there. Stickers are things that are small, easy to print at a minimum cost and can convey so much meaning to the people that view them. So therefore, to begin this company i would like to focus on printing small scale products, specializing in stickers.

I anticipate in the future, that innovation will need to occur in my products and business operations, therefore, i am in the process of planning for this – I am planning to offer t-shirts, home made scrap books, business cards, pens, other stationary etc.

Why the blog? 

I decided to attach a blog to the business, so that my customers can know me, Margaret, the face behind the computer screen typing to you right now. I want to know my customers, look after them, and make sure they know who they are dealing with personally. Therefore, blogging about things that are happening in my life right now, i believe is 100% necessary. Some business’s may feel this approach is too daring, risky etc. But i don’t agree, the more you know me and my passion the better.I also hope that running this business will allow for me to make many new friends.

Background of the business. 

Anticipated grand opening

Our values and mission

What we do to help

How to order

Our promise to you, our customers… 

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