When you get that feeling…

That burning passion to be on top..

All the nights you to be bed thinking i wish i could have contributed more to my work today.. 

All those family occasions you missed out on because you couldn’t get out of work.. 

Those days were you catch yourself day dreaming about what it would be like to be in charge, to make those big decisions and hoping that they pay off..

The constant struggle to save money and the longing earn more to be able to live life comfortably… 

If you, like me get any of these feelings constantly.. day in.. day out.. its a struggle. Its hard to be happy in a normal job where you have no control of any executive decisions at all, where your say means nothing and where you feel like its hard to put your business savy mind to good use.

My experience of these feelings has managed to manifest itself into a burning passion to be an entrepreneur, and by burning i mean desperate desire. I would go to sleep at night and not be able to keep my mind from going crazy, popping up with newer and bigger ideas each night… the only struggle being to try to remember them in the morning!

Business has constantly been around me my entire life, even to the point whereby it is fair to say that individuals are a type of business in themselves, they go to work in order to make a wage to survive. Being brought up in family of parents who have not been successful in their lives has made me wonder, this basic equation of going to work, making just enough to survive – is this for me? For the past 21 years, my family has struggled and i do not want this to happen to me when i have my own family.

About two years ago my mother left the family home, she never was nice to me at all. She ran away with another man, this put my father into a state of depression. My younger sister who wanted to be a vet all of her life has turned to smoking and drinking, which has made my father more depressed. Here i am, stuck in the middle… I often thought of just being depressed as well, but i can’t do it. I cant bare to watch my life slip away like that – i wont let my mother have that satisfaction!

I am a 21 years old female studying at the University of New England. I am doing a Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Teaching.  I have so far done around 7 -8 units of my degree, OKAY – ill admit, i have failed a few, but you know what at least i am there and trying to build on myself!

I have also just been proposed to by my boyfriend after months and months of constant nagging. He is someone who has come from a pretty awesome background and has encouraged me in my dreams of becoming more then my parents ever could.

— Here, i have just told you in short my life story. Throughout all of these different things that have been going on, i am constantly thinking about business, constantly wanted to be on top and to be like the individuals that i admire. When this passion eats you alive, you can be assured that your ready for the journey of being an entrepreneur!

I believe that in order to be an entrepreneur you must have this obsession. I suppose its fair to say that i am a big dreamer, but with all of the things going on in my life, a better life is down the path of owning a business.

So what’s your motivation to start a business? 

What are you passionate about? 

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be in charge? Be so important that you want to make a difference? 

Who do you have in your life to support you though your journey? 

I can assure you now at the beginning of this journey, my goals will be the following:

  • To make a difference the community around me
  • To help other people like me to reach there goals
  • To become the person that my parents wish they had the discipline to be
  • To be a person that my boyfriend can be proud of marrying.

In this blog Sticky Business, i will be sharing with you my journey, my thoughts, my feelings and giving you advice on all the challenges and follies that i know i will encounter along the way.

Till next time..

Margaret Mc Sticky.

For next time.. 

” Developing that money making idea”