“Cut for Bieber” – Making our generation proud.

So any of you guys heard about this whole cut for Bieber thing? For those of you that have not. Cut for Beiber was invented by a bunch of idiots on Twitter, instructing young teens to cut their wrists in order to get the pop singer Justin Bieber to not do drugs. Well, that is my understanding of it anyway. I admit I have not really done much research on this whole new craze before writing this article. BUT I am going to give you my take on this new ridiculous phenomenon.


Since Beiber was discovered, our radios have been polluted with tracks such as that “baby, baby, baby ooooohhh” crap and many other annoying hits that are kind of catchy and are bound to get stuck in your head for days, weeks and even months. But, don’t worry just because his songs get stuck in your head doesn’t mean you are obsessed no, there are many crazy, psychotic little girls obsessing over him and every single move he makes.

I am not saying it is a bad thing that he has established himself a loyal fan base that appreciate his accomplishments, no. It has made him into a successful entrepreneur that has allowed him to spread his clear passion for music around the world. Totally nothing wrong with that. In fact i remember when  he came to Sydney and performed his first track in the City CBD on one of our popular morning shows, the crowd went wild – police were even involved. In sure if you look it up on Youtube you will be able to find footage of it!

But i think that there is a line, a line that defines the difference between a loyal fan and a simple following sheep that lacks any direction or emotional stability. It appears like our youth of today are clenching on to celebs such as Justin Bieber for comfort, a place in society to fit in. The simple notion of hurting ones self in order to get the attention of another is not reality, it’s not rational– it’s just wrong by all accounts.

It really goes to show the power of social media in today’s society. Social media can do many positive things but it can also have the power to take lives. I believe that it is wrong to take the ability to utilise social networking sites away from younger teenagers ,but i also think it is wrong to let them have ultimate control over there networking sites. I think it is time the parents of these teenagers stepped in, a restore the reality to these young adults.

I’d be really interested to get all your opinions on this terrible issue. What’s your thoughts?


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